Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of taking an audio recording and converting it into a typed copy. In today’s digital age there are many benefits to outsource transcription services to a third party provider.

  1. On-demand ability to meet transcription volume, including partial and overflow transcription – most companies do not need the same volume of transcription work on a regular basis. There could be no transcription need for some time and then suddenly a greater volume of work urgently at once. Outsourcing transcription work guarantees that all taped recordings will be typed and returned back with the same turnaround time
    regardless of the volume of dictations. If you do not want to outsource all your transcription work, many transcription companies will accommodate partial and overflow transcription services.
  2. Timely delivery of transcribed reports – if you have an in-house typist what would you do if the person were off sick or on vacation? Why not pay an outside reliable transcription service that will handle their resources efficiently to always provide on-time delivery of transcribed reports back to their clients, so you never have to worry about a backlog of reports due to personnel issues in your office.
  3. Only pay for what you need – Most transcription companies charge per line/per page of transcribed work or per minute of audio transcribed, so you only have to pay for what is transcribed. Often when transcription work is done in-house you need multiple trained staff members with the skills to complete the work, since having only one trained person could cause backlog of work in case of increase in volume or the person not being able to
    come to work at any given time.
  4. Frees up your staff to work on other tasks that can only be performed in-house – with the electronic demands of medical offices in the digital age it would be more efficient for in-house staff to work on and develop the skill set to work on more complex tasks that cannot be outsourced.
  5. Guaranteed access to experienced staff – Transcription companies employ staff who are experts in their field and have skills and knowledge developed over a long period of time by constantly working for numerous clients in many fields. This results in consistent delivery of high quality accurate reports which would be difficult to attain inhouse if the staff were not transcribing large volumes of dictations on a regular basis.
  6. Reduced labor and capital expenses – There are numerous financial benefits of outsourcing transcription work rather than employing a full-time staff member to complete the work. With the elimination of paid time off, sick leave, medical insurance, maintenance of equipment and other benefits paid, typically by outsourcing you can save more than one-third of the cost of employing a full-time employee.

As outlined above there are many significant benefits of outsourcing the transcription of your audio recordings. You will reduce operational costs and free up your staff to complete other tasks while reaping the benefits of on-demand access to experienced transcription staff guaranteeing on-time and accurate transcribed reports.